Bringing the abstract to reality.



New Venture Creation

We specialize in bringing abstract business concepts to life, working from the early idea stage through to launch, incorporating branding, business plan writing, strategic partnerships, project execution, marketing and launch strategies.



The Team

Our goal is to fully understand your vision, the story you want to tell with your brand, and the customer experience you want to create with your business. No matter what stage of business development, we can help you progress! Like the great Walt Disney, we believe that any height can be scaled by one who knows the secrets of making dreams come true: confidence, courage, constancy and the curiosity that leads us down new paths.


Lauren Randall

Lauren began her career running production for her favorite designer at the time, the infamous fashion icon, Betsey Johnson. The experience included her first New York Fashion Week, and was the beginning of her career in fashion.

Lauren began her journey with Zappos in 2012 and reached a zenith when she spearheaded Zappos’ first pop-up shop. Working with VPs and external technology partners, she designed the layout, flow, and merchandised the sections of the shop. She went on to become the Interim Director of Private Label Clothing at Zappos. In that capacity she redesigned and relaunched seven private label brands, and innovated with social media and customer loyalty programs to increase private label sales.

With this experience, she launched her own brand, Melonhopper, in 2015. Achieving profitability in its first year, Melonhopper quickly built a large and loyal social media following, earning six-figure revenue on one product alone. She moved to China to oversee factory production for Melonhopper, working directly with the factories and overseeing quality control. She designed every detail, from the concept, to the garments, down to the bags, hang tags, instagram posts, PR communication and customer service emails. Taking it to another level, Lauren also launched wholesale partnerships with retailers Dolls Kill and Zappos. Lauren also recently launched a second e-commerce brand, Black 24 Seven, which features a carefully curated selection of all black items.

She is known around the world as a fiery and charismatic entrepreneur with boundless energy and an unlimited supply of imaginative new ideas.

Lauren is a graduate of University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, B.A. in Political Science.


Michael Garvey

Michael’s working career began at an early age in a family service industry business, which after college he expanded to three new states. His entrepreneurial continued in college where he studied under the Dean of the Pamplin School of Business as an Entrepreneurship Scholar, writing business plans, competing in competitions, and meeting with business leaders around the world in the green building industry.

Michael joined the Zappos family in 2012 as Mobile UX/UI designer and worked his way up, becoming the first Lead User Experience Designer. From working across teams to build the Private Label landing page to execute the new vision of Zappos Couture as the Lead Designer, transforming it from Zappos Couture into Zappos Luxury. Michael was instrumental in executing high level creative visions at Zappos. It was through Zappos where Michael gained great appreciation for his coveted customer service approach to design.

In 2017 he left Zappos to join Topson Downs, a world leader in private label clothing manufacturing, to spear head creating a new women’s fashion brand from scratch that would soon become known as “AFRM” (affirm), and a profitable  direct to consumer e-commerce business. After landing Nordstrom as their exclusive retail partner, AFRM launched online and in every flagship store, and has become their fastest growing new brand.

From the formation and operation of the business, brand design, trademarking, budget and financial projection, website design, e-comm operation, and digital marketing, Michael was responsible for all aspects of AFRM. Over the past year and a half, Michael has trained up an entire team to handle all aspects of running the business.

He is known for is ability to simplify complex ideas and concepts, clear communication, and innovative business acumen.

Michael is a graduate of the University of Portland, B.A. in Organizational Communication and Entrepreneurship.



& Companies



Working with the directors of the Zappos business unit that curates high end brands into a separate ecommerce experience to reinvent the brand and it’s website to become more modern and relevant to the constantly evolving industry and more appealing to new customers. Zappos Luxury features some of the world’s most notable brands, including Burberry and Ferragamo.



Starting from 0, we built the first original e-commerce brand with a large private label manufacture. Bringing a 20 year dream to life in the form of AFRM (affirm), the brand leads the industry into new fashion and a heart for affirming and empowering every customer. In it’s first year, AFRM has become a top selling brand for Nordstrom, and has been featured on the pages of Vogue, and worn by celebrities like Kendall Jenner.



Fashion for the everyday princess. Melonhopper was created to make getting dressed a fun, colorful, magical experience that stems from self-acceptance and an admiration of one’s inner beauty. The label is the darling of a cult following of candy colored princess fashionistas from Tokyo to London. It’s releases have been covered with acclaim, from Cosmopolitain Magazine to US Weekly.


Black 24 Seven

A new brand created to target the sophisticated yet simple approach of those who prefer monotone noir, Black 24 Seven is an ecommerce brand with a singular focus: everything black. It leverages a unique approach to manufacturing in China to deliver a curated selection of black on black fashion for the discerning female customer.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

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